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Project Management Jobs in Nuclear Construction - This Will Help You Get a Job


In our free e-book, "Understanding the Nuclear Industry - A Guide for Job Seekers” we highlight some of the key information Project Management professionals interested in working on the Nuclear New Build Programme will be expected to know.

Project Management is one of the areas identified as having potential staff shortages in the coming decade as the UK's significant infrastructure programme materialises. With up to 8 large scale new nuclear projects proposed and with no nuclear energy plant having been constructed in a generation, the nuclear industry will need to attract Project Managers from other construction sectors. 



Nuclear is understandably different due to the potentially significant impacts of any error that occurs, its unique technology, culture, regulation and the nuclear terminology used.

Are you familiar with the term Nuclear Safety Culture, do you understand the differences between the types of nuclear reactor or which body is responsible for nuclear regulation? To successfully secure a job in nuclear it will be beneficial to have a good understanding of these differences and how the industry works.

A2O People’s nuclear team have answered these questions in our e-book which you can access on the following link "Understanding the Nuclear Industry - A Guide for Job Seekers”.



The opportunities in the UK Nuclear Energy Industry are significant with plans to develop 16GW of new nuclear power at 5 locations. This poses a significant resourcing challenge, creating up to 25,000 individual job opportunities on each of the 5 proposed sites. Hinkley Point C, the first of the proposed fleet of Nuclear New Build projects in the UK is touted to become one of Europe’s largest construction projects with a construction cost in the order of £18 billion.

The scale of the industry’s new build aspirations is driving a growing need to attract new people to the industry. With no nuclear energy plants having been built in the UK for over 20 years, the sector will need to reskill a new generation of engineering and construction professionals, attracting suitably qualified people from other sectors.

The factors expected to attract candidates include:

1.       The prestige associated with working on some of Europe’s largest projects, which will be seen as a standard of excellence within the construction industry and be viewed favourably by future employers.

2.       The employment stability, with typical construction durations between 7 and 10 years, a stated intent to retain employees during the construction phase, if necessary through retraining, and the potential of moving into the operations and maintenance teams.

3.       The potential of good rates of pay for candidates that meet the hiring criteria.



EDF Energy plans to build two new nuclear power stations with a combined generating capacity of 6.4 GW at Hinkley Point and Sizewell. The construction of Hinkley Point C will be undertaken by NNB Generation Co Ltd, consisting of EDF Energy and Chinese investors. The project will utilise a Third Generation European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) designed and developed by AREVA. The EPR completed Generic Design Assessment (GDA) in 2012. Hinkley Point C will be capable of producing 7% of the UK’s electricity, enough for five million homes.

Hinkley C will generate an estimated 5,600 construction jobs at peak, equating to 25,000 individual job opportunities over the 10 year construction period. The scale of the projects will drive the need to attract new people to the industry from other sectors and to reskill a new generation of engineering and construction professionals. With the construction sector finally breaking out of recession a key challenge will be sourcing the skilled workforce needed to construct these mega projects.


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