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The Hinkley Point C Application, Vetting and Onboarding Process


Due to the significance of any security breach or error occurring during the construction of nuclear power plant projects a higher level of onboarding and security vetting is required as part of the hiring process.


Health & Safety Requirements

Health and safety requirements include completing a CCNSG Safety Passport or having a CSCS card dated after April 2012.

·        CCNSG Safety Passport

In order to obtain a CCNSG Safety Passport (Client Contractor National Safety Group) you need to complete a two day training course and pass a test. There are a number of companies offering the course including Bridgwater College who are an approved training provider. You can find out more at Bridgewater College CCNSG course.

·        CSCS Card

The CSCS card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card provides proof that individuals working on construction sites have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out. There are different types of CSCS cards dependent upon your job role. You can use the following online card finder to find out which card you require Online Card Finder and find out more information on applying for CSCS cards here.


Triple Bar and Supervisor Checks

A Triple Bar course and The Triple bar nuclear new build sites (TBNNBS) test needs to be undertaken. This was initially a requirement prior to commencing work on site but is now part of the induction process.

Competency assessments will be undertaken for each supervisor attending site. All line management working on the HPC Project must attend a one day EDF Energy Supervisors’ Safety Behaviour Workshop. As part of the onboarding process Employers are expected to instil a “Nuclear Safety Culture” which describes the overarching health, safety and behavioural culture expected of companies operating in the nuclear sector.


Security Vetting

Security arrangements include the vetting of employees and the handling of information. The Employer will advise which information needs to be securely managed and what levels of physical and electronic protection for different types of information are required. Depending on the role one of 5 levels of vetting of personnel will apply:

  • Counter-Terrorist Check (CTC) 
  • Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) 
  • Security Check (SC) 
  • Security Check Enhanced (SCE) 
  • Developed Vetting (DV)

The Vetting Clearance Standard for the majority of jobs on the construction of nuclear new build projects will be BPSS along with background checks such as Disclosure Scotland. Basic Disclosure Scotland needs to be dated within 90 days of the employees start date. The Baseline Personnel Security Standard pre-employment check will require a three year work history.


Pre-employment Checks

Interviewing and pre-employment checks include proof to work in the UK and undertaking two reference checks. Employers need to verify that workers are Suitably Qualified and Experienced and check that their qualifications are valid.

New employees will also need to complete an Occupational Health Questionnaire, and a Drug & Alcohol test from a UKAS provider dated within 4 weeks of their induction (random testing is undertaken once employment commences).


Should I Progress Training and Security Requirements Before Securing Employment?

Candidates could progress some of the training and security checks prior to securing employment. While this may provide an advantage during the selection process the following would require a time and financial commitment without any guarantee of securing employment.


Accommodation and Relocation

The project aims to employ approximately one third of the labour force locally. For staff sourced from other regions within the UK, and specialists or management roles sourced internationally, project accommodation blocks are being provided onsite and in Bridgwater. To minimise traffic movements, park and ride facilities will be provided in key locations to bus workers to site. A2O People offer an employee relocation and settling in service which will assist employees looking to relocate to the Somerset area and would be particularly beneficial to overseas employers looking to relocate staff in the UK.


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