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The Global Energy Mix and How the UK Compares

Date: 23-08-2018

Renewable electricity is rapidly changing the UK power generation mix, how does this compare with worldwide trends.

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How the UK’s Energy Mix is Being Transformed

Date: 29-09-2017

The UK’s Energy Mix is being transformed with a rapid growth in energy produced by renewable technologies and coal being replaced by gas generation.

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Is the UK’s Energy Mix Becoming Greener?

Date: 16-05-2016

The UK has seen significant changes in the sources of its electricity supply, having been historically reliant on coal, renewable sources now look set to lead the way.

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Renewables and Nuclear Supply Record Levels of UK Electricity

Date: 29-03-2016

2015 Figures Show a Significant Increase in Renewable Generation in the UK's Energy Mix

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Nuclear is a good career choice for Oil & Gas professionals. Here’s why.

Date: 21-01-2016

With exciting new build projects, long-term contracts and solid pay opportunities, the nuclear industry offers an attractive career choice.

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This Will Help You Get a Job in Nuclear

Date: 08-12-2015

Are you familiar with the term Nuclear Safety Culture, do you understand the differences between the types of nuclear reactor or which body is responsible for nuclear regulation?

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How does Hinkley C compare with the UK’s other mega projects?

Date: 23-11-2015

The proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear project will be one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken in the UK, but how does it compare with other mega projects?

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What is driving the Chinese appetite to invest in the UK Nuclear Industry?

Date: 02-11-2015

China has announced its intention to invest in the UK Nuclear sector. We investigate the factors driving China to seek overseas investments and what attracts them to the UK.

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8 Dynamics that Define and Shape the UK Energy Sector

Date: 26-10-2015

Significant change is occurring in the UK Energy industry. This blog looks at the drivers that shape the sector and some of the challenges this creates.

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