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Helping Companies to Become a Supplier in the Nuclear Sector

An estimated £60 to £80 billion is required to construct the new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK. With 60% of the construction cost accessible to the UK supply chain significant opportunities will arise for companies capable of supplying products and services, many of whom will have little or no nuclear experience.

The key challenges for companies looking to enter the sector will be to adapt the culture and processes to the high quality and safety standards expected, to effectively price these requirements into tenders and to recruit, develop and retain the right resources to successfully deliver the contracts.

A good starting point would be to review our e-book What’s Different About Nuclear – A Supply Chain Guide where we look at the factors that make working in the nuclear industry different and the issues supply chain companies need to consider as they attempt to bid and deliver work.

As members of the Hinkley Point C Professional Services Group A2O People specialise in the nuclear sector. Our consultancy, training and coaching programmes are designed to help business leaders to increase their company’s capabilities and to help them to be competitive.

We know that every business is different so we undertake an analysis of your company and tailor the support programmes to the specific challenges you face. This may require a programme which includes a blend of training, hands-on consultancy and mentoring / coaching support throughout the transition phase.

Improving the Capability of Your Business to Work in the UK Nuclear Industry

A typical support programme might include:

  1. Meeting with the relevant members of your company’s leadership team to define the specific needs of your organisation
  2. Providing targeted training to help your leadership team understand the nuclear market and the requirements that make working in nuclear different
  3. Development of a transition road map and implementation plan with defined timescales, tasks and responsibility
  4. Consultancy services to support the implementation of any changes to the culture and processes of the organisation
  5. Facilitated workshops to help employees to adapt to nuclear requirements and embed new ways of working
  6. Establishing JV / supply-chain collaboration
  7. Providing on-going coaching, advice and guidance to support managers during the transition phase.
  8. Support in sustaining the change programme and refreshers as new team members are added or problems emerge.

To learn more contact our Nuclear Supply Chain Team.

Organisations in the nuclear sector need to excel at recruiting, developing and retaining their people, and having the right processes and culture in place. That’s where we can help.


Specific Nuclear Training Programmes:

We offer 3 training courses that can be tailored to each company’s specific requirements.

1. An Introduction to the Nuclear Industry – What Makes Nuclear Different

2. Nuclear Leadership Programme - Transitioning Your Company to Nuclear Requirements

3. People Management in a Nuclear Environment


An Introduction to the Nuclear Industry – What Makes Nuclear Different

This training course provides a general overview of the nuclear industry and is designed to provide an understanding of the industry context and the areas where nuclear is different. The course covers the following topics.

An Overview of the Energy Sector.

The Energy Mix and Market Dynamics in the UK Energy Sector.

The History of the Nuclear Industry.

The Future Plans for Nuclear Power Generation in the UK.

The Underlying Scientific and Engineering Principles of Nuclear Power Generation including Radioactivity, the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, the types and functioning of Nuclear Reactors, and the design of Nuclear Power Plants.

The Regulation and Legislation.

Safety Management and a Nuclear Safety Culture.

Understanding the Routes to Market for Supply Chain Companies in the Nuclear Sector.


Who should attend?

The course is suitable for business leaders, managers, supervisors, graduates, apprentices and all other personnel who are new to the nuclear industry and require a general awareness of the nuclear market, history, principles, science, technology and legislation underpinning it. No prior knowledge of the industry is assumed.


Nuclear Leadership Programme - Transitioning Your Company to Nuclear Requirements

Moving into a highly-regulated, safety-conscious sector such as nuclear, that imposes a high level of process and structure, can be challenging for many organisations. This course is designed to help leadership teams to assess their readiness to bid for work in the civil nuclear supply chain and to identify the key areas where your company needs to change, ensuring that the right processes are in place and the right culture is embedded in your organisation.

The programme can include the following training modules, along with consultancy support and coaching to implement the required changes:

An Introduction to the Nuclear Industry.

Working in Heavily Regulated Environments. The Stakeholders and market dynamics in the Nuclear Industry.

Safety, Quality and Security Requirements. Security vetting and information management. Health, Safety and Environments standards. Understanding the quality standards expected.

Understanding the Behavioural Expectations in Nuclear. Defining the key competencies and behaviours required. Understanding the Leaders role in developing a Nuclear Safety Culture, Human Performance and Organisational Factors.

Embedding Nuclear Leadership to proactively manage a Nuclear Safety Culture, and to align employees towards a procedural, quality driven and collaborative environment. Identifying where leaders need to change their behaviours and learning how to influence others to change patterns of unhelpful behaviour.

Implementing Nuclear Recruitment and Training Programmes to build and sustain a competent nuclear workforce. Ensuring your workforce are SQEP. Training design, delivery & evaluation, certifying, re-skilling and up-skilling workers.

Process Improvement and Procedural Development. Developing processes to ensure compliance and implement best practice appropriate to the Nuclear sector.

Project Management in a Nuclear Environment. Commercial awareness, Project Controls and achieving the appropriate balance between Cost, Time and Quality demands.


Who should attend?

The course is suitable for business leaders who are responsible for managing your company’s entry in to the nuclear sector.


People Management in a Nuclear Environment

Developing recruitment, training and retention strategies to ensure you develop and retain a SQEP (Suitably Qualified & Experienced Personnel) workforce can be an important factor in securing work in the nuclear sector. The support can take the form of both training of your staff, facilitated workshops and hands-on consultancy support to implement the required changes.

Establishing the Right Culture. Defining your existing organisational culture and subcultures. Developing a culture and team behaviours appropriate to the Nuclear Industry. Recognising that cultural fit is important when it comes to hiring and retention.

Recruitment and Workforce Planning to have the right number of people, with the right skills, at the right time. Determining the appropriate permanent vs contract staffing ratios. Employing effective attraction and selection processes. Developing onboarding practices that help new employees to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours to become effective team members in a nuclear environment.

Building High Performance Teams. Facilitating new teams to form, as new members are added or problems emerge. Creating collaboration between JV partners, supply chain companies and internal departments. Managing Multi-Cultural Teams and implementing a Diversity and Inclusion strategy. 

Training and Developing Your People. Evaluate nuclear SQEP’ness through competency frameworks, gap analysis and training needs assessments and design. Helping supervisors to implement appropriate ways of working.

Engagement and Retention of Your Workforce. Understanding what motivates people and crafting engagement plans to support their success and retention. Implementing employee resilience and wellbeing initiatives to achieve high staff availability and productivity.


Who should attend?

This course is designed for managers, team leaders and supervisors in the nuclear industry who manage staff but who don’t have formal HR training or qualifications.

To learn more contact our Nuclear Supply Chain Team or call us on 01278 732073


The companies willing to invest in becoming best in class stand a better chance of reaping the rewards that the UK’s nuclear renaissance will bring. 


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