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The 5-day+ programme

This is an ongoing support programme based on a monthly fee in addition to an initial 5-day programme. This additional support is particularly useful for employees coming from countries with culturally different backgrounds, that may have initial difficulties with the language, may have particular needs such as a disability, or are on short term or temporary assignments who may have difficultly arranging the ongoing services required after relocating to the area.

In addition to the 4-day programme the 5-day+ programme includes an extra day of initial support and;

  • Pre-arrival
    • Helping with Visa & Emigration services.
    • Help arranging shipment of personal & family belongings.


  • After arrival
    • Arranging transportation.
    • Assistance with vehicle purchase or hire.
    • Helping with translations.


  • On-going services
    • Arranging for the payment of rents.
    • Arranging for the payment of utilities.
    • Cost monitoring in line with your relocation policy.
    • Monthly overview of property expenses.
    • Maintenance management of housing.
    • Help line during business hours.


  • Arranging for cleaning services
    • Cleaning of the new home at the time of moving in.
    • Undertaking on-going cleaning requirements.
    • Cleaning of the property prior to hand over to landlord at the end of the tenancy.


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