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Helping Utility & Construction Companies to Excel through their People

A2O People was founded on the premise that the utility and construction sectors have their own unique context and dynamics that need to be appreciated and understood in order to provide effective HR solutions.

Recruiting the right people, establishing high levels of Engagement with employees and communities and Sustaining this level of commitment and performance are becoming the fundamentals of good management. This is where A2O People can help businesses to excel by unlocking the potential of your employees. 

Employee Engagement & Wellbeing - Creating Business Environments where People can Flourish 

A2O People help our clients to retain their best people through implementation of employee engagement and wellbeing initiatives that identify and leverage the unique engagement drivers within each organisation. 

An engaged workforce is critical to performance, particularly in highly regulated, safety critical, customer focused and project orientated businesses. Increasing employee engagement and wellbeing is recognised to lead to higher employee morale, job satisfaction and productivity, creating better customer experiences and resulting in reduced stress, absenteeism and employee turnover.

Progressive employers focus on the wellbeing of their employees in order to improve performance and reduce absence. A2O People offer workplace health & wellness services including stress management and complementary wellness therapies to support our client’s wellbeing initiatives. 

The behavioural aspects associated with nuclear safety culture require tailor made intervention programmes after incidents or accidents. Our councillors and mental health advisors help companies verify their employee’s ability to comply with behavioural work requirements and help employees return to work. 

To find out more contact a member of our Employee Engagement Team.

Organisational Effectiveness – Achieving Success through People

A2O People help leaders in the utility and construction sectors to become better equipped to manage a culturally diverse and changing workforce, achieving excellence in people practices and unlocking the potential of their employees. 

The services offered include

  • Building High Performance Teams - facilitation workshops and team coaching, helping teams to agree goals, identify strengths, and agree how to communicate effectively.
  • Leadership Coaching - helping leaders to excel in multi-disciplinary organisations, increasing self-awareness and improving a leaders ability to manage change. 
  • Management Coaching - helping managers recognise drivers of employee motivation, support needs and stress events specific to your organisations' and teams' unique context.
  • Personal Coaching - developing leaders at all levels in your organisation and supporting personal development initiatives.
  • Stakeholder and Supply Chain Collaboration - helping companies build open and collaborative working relationships, through facilitation that develops the trust and understanding needed to achieve stakeholder and supply-chain alignment. 
  • Managing Change & Transformation - helping companies to adapt to changes in their business environment or workforce, implementation of strategy and embedding cultural change.

To find out more contact a member of our Organisational Effectiveness Team.

Making a Positive Difference in the Communities where our Client's do Business

A2O People help companies meet their goals of local employment and community engagement while providing opportunities to make a positive difference in the communities in which they live and do business. 

Community outreach is particularly important for utility and construction organisations due to their direct impact on local communities. We help our clients build connections by integrating services from the communities most impacted by utility and construction activities and helping the contractors with their community liaison programmes.

It is recognised that the cultivation of an employee’s happiness and connection with their company and community can be enhanced by providing opportunities to become involved in good causes and community volunteering initiatives. A2O People facilitate and coordinate volunteering programmes on behalf of our clients as part of their community outreach initiatives. This enhances employee engagement and places the business in a more favourable light with all of its stakeholders.

For more information go to our Community page.

Sustaining the Improvements 

While many initiatives may be effective in the short-term their sustainability is the true test of their effectiveness. 
Progressive employers recognise that an employee’s motivation and engagement starts with their initial contact with an employer and requires regular renewal. To achieve sustainable improvements employers need to take innovative long-term approaches to resourcing, people management and employee retention. 

A2O People help our clients achieve sustainable improvements by developing programmes with in-built refreshers and audits that ensure that any training or learning initiative has been accepted and anchored in new ways of working, group norms and values.

To learn more contact our Coaching Team.

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