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SME Business Mentoring & Consultancy Services

Helping You Build a Better Business

A2O People support SME’s through each stage of your start-up and growth plans. Helping Business Owners and Leadership Teams to understanding the real issues likely to affect your business, while building the organisation’s capability to grow and operate in new or more competitive markets.

We recognise the limited resources and time constraints business leaders have and offer cost-effective assistance appropriate to the sector, size and needs of your company. While our services are applicable to a wide range of sectors our expertise in construction, engineering and utilities allows us to be particularly beneficial to companies operating in these sectors.

We know that every business is different so we undertake an analysis of your company and tailor the support programmes to the specific challenges you face. This may require a programme which includes a blend of training, facilitation, hands-on consultancy / advisory and business mentoring / coaching support.

We understand the challenges small and medium sized business have

A support programme could include any of the following depending on the scope of the project:

  1. Meeting with the Owners and / or relevant members of your Leadership Team to define the specific needs of your organisation
  2. Identification of the key challenges, priorities and what you need to work on immediately
  3. Development of a road map and implementation plan with defined timescales, tasks and responsibilities
  4. Provision of Consultancy services to undertake specific tasks or Advisory services to guide implementation of the identified priorities
  5. Provision of targeted training
  6. Facilitated workshops to help employees to adapt to new requirements and embed new ways of working
  7. Providing on-going coaching, advice and guidance to support managers
  8. Support in sustaining the programme and refreshers as new team members are added or problems emerge

To learn more contact our Consulting Team or call us on 01278 732073.

We recognise the importance of striking the right balance between expertise, efficiency and cost

We have detailed a number of the typical challenges that Small and Medium Sized Businesses face and where we can help:

  • Starting a Business – developing a roadmap to launch a new business, ways to secure early wins and secure more customers
  • Developing a Strategy and Business Model – that provides a competitive advantage, defining your Purpose, Vision and Values
  • Crafting the Organisations Structure and Culture - understanding the building blocks of how organisations work – Agile vs Structured approaches and clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Developing a Sales, Marketing and Business Development Strategy - identifying growth segments, value propositions, campaigns and promotions
  • Your Financials - forecasting financial performance, managing risks and managing cash flow
  • Scaling your Business - developing a Business Plan to scale your business, securing finance and expanding your team 
  • Planning for Growth - achieving the right balance between the core business and new initiatives
  • Growing Pains - identifying the inflection points when the Business needs to change
  • Marginal gains - finding ways to increase revenues and reduce costs
  • Managing in a Roller Coaster Market Environment - organisation design and restructuring during periods of survival or accelerated growth, finding ways to have a more predictable revenue stream
  • Strategy Execution and Decision-Making – implementing execution processes and deciding what data and KPI’s you need
  • Developing Processes and Procedures – certifications, customer feedback and continuous improvement
  • Recruiting People - with the right skills and behaviours that complement your team
  • Building High Performance Teams - forming a new or existing team into a high performing unit
  • Training and Developing Your People – developing the skills needed by your business
  • People Management - understanding what motivates people and crafting engagement plans to reduce absence, increase productivity and improve retention
  • Change Management – implementing strategic change and learning how to change mindsets and behaviours
  • Planning Your Own Development – living in the short-term as a manager and long-term as a leader

We take a practical common sense approach and can structure our support as 90 day plans or as SWAT team initiatives to drive specific results quickly. We can also help you with your “to do list” taking on those actions that are important but the team can never get round to completing. The goal is to free up some of your time, not take up your time.


Who Is This For?

The programme is suitable for Owner Managers, Leadership Teams and Department Leaders who are responsible for managing the company’s future direction and achievement of business goals. The programme can also be tailored as a training course in the development of those identified with the future potential for taking on leadership roles and as part of a succession plan.


Contact our Consulting Team or call us on 01278 732073 today to learn more.

Avoid the high costs of large consulting firms and get cost effective support from advisors that know your sector

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